The Marsh


The Marsh

Around a hundred hectares of wet meadows canals and ditches are home to a host of ecological treasures and they justifiably appear on the national register as a natural ecological area of flora and fauna. (ZNIEFF).

In fact, this area shelters many rare species of plants and insects which are nationally or locally protected (orchids, butterflies…). To preserve it from the growing urbanisation of the Normandy coast, around forty hectares have been purchase by the Coastline Conservation Association. This initiative should give long-term protection to a natural oasis, shaped by traditional human activities (non-intensive agriculture and animal-rearing).

The marshes are also worked as pastureland for making hay. They are an ideal spot for hunting waterfowl from blinds (gabions).


Many bird species also come to these marshes. Whether they are permanent residents or nesting in the area (you stumble across their domain without realising it), or simply passing through as they migrate to their breeding grounds in spring or wintering grounds in the autumn, the birds enjoy this environment which offers them food and shelter. The marshes therefore are a « resting area » for this migrating population. Armed with a pair of binoculars and a bit of patience, if possible in the morning or at he end of the day, you can easily observe and/or hear over forty different species such as the grey heron, the white stork or even the tree frog.

Free events about the Marsh in 2016 : [coming soon]

For he well-being of all the species inhabiting the marshes, please remain quiet, do not throw litter and keep to the paths which have been especially created for your use.

This walk takes you around the whole of the marshland and is about 4km in lenght. It starts from the small car park which is 20min from Blonville/Mer train station. Don’t forget your binoculars !