The Chapel of ND de l’Assomption




Frescoes of scenes from the New Testament

Access: 100m from the Tourist Office.

The chapel was built in 1954 by the parishioners of Blonville/Bénerville as a place of worship for a growing population. The walls are entirel decorated with gorgeous frescoes by Jean Denis Maillard, painted between 1960 and 1962.
The continuity from the Old to the New Testament is etablished in the sanctuary chancel, while the six large panels in the nave trace the significant stages in the life of the Virgin Mary.
Worship: Mass on Saturday at 6pm.

Visits of the church

Chapelle Notre Dame de l’Assomption – Rue Pasteur

Free tours from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm and on Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

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