Tourist Office classification and quality labels

logo-qualite-tourismeTourism Quality Label

On 27th September 2013, the tourist office was awarded the Marque Qualité Tourisme (Tourism Quality Label) following an audit carried out by an accredited external auditor. This label is real recognition of the high-quality welcome we reserve for our visitors and our use of customer feedback to ensure we maintain and improve on our high performance. The Tourist Office was assessed against almost 200 criteria set out within the national reference framework.
Qualité Tourisme is a label which recognises and unites the rigorous quality approaches undertaken by tourism professionals whose objective is to offer a high quality service to ensure customer satisfaction. Awarded by the French ministry for tourism, the Marque Qualité Tourisme is a real assurance of confidence both for the Tourist Office and our visitors.
We remind you that satisfaction questionnaires and suggestion and complaint forms are available in the tourist office in order to help us improve the quality of our services.
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OT classeCategory I classification

The Blonville/Bénerville/Tourgéville tourist office was awarded, by prefectural order of 26th December 2013, the highest national distinction for tourist office classification: category 1.
Since the reform of the classification system of 12th November 2010 (modified in June 2011), tourist offices have evolved and play an ever more important role in a region’s tourism strategy.
Category 1 tourist offices develop a targeted promotion policy and implement tools for gaining feedback from customers in order to improve the quality of services provided as well as those of their partners working within their geographical area. Their actions are part of an approach to promote quality with the aim of improving their services and overall performance. To obtain Cat 1, the Tourist Office had to comply with around forty criteria and meet the required level of excellence.
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