Protected natural site

The ideal place for a walk, with numerous trails, it offers free public access all year round. The vegetation is particularly abundant and the viewpoints truly exceptional. Discover the distinctive fauna and flora present on this protected site (spring: orchids, summer: Mediterranean plants and butterflies, etc.).
Culminating at an altitude of 110 metres, Mont Canisy overlooks the mouth of the Seine.

This natural site of 27 hectares offers a number of exceptional viewpoints of the Côte Fleurie (Flower Coast) and the north of the Pays d’Auge: Touques marsh, the Auge hills, the “Black Cow” cliffs, the Seine estuary, Le Havre port and, of course, the seaside resorts dotted along the Côte Fleurie.
Its highly strategic location on the mouth of the Seine made it an important military post. An anti submarine military battery was installed there in 1917-1918, followed by a coastal battery between 1935 and 1940. Finally, from 1941 to 1944 it became the main artillery point of the “Atlantic Wall” between Cherbourg and Le Havre.

OT_Blonville_Cote_NatureToday, this protected area is the ideal place for a walk open to everyone, all year round. Woods, thickets and grassland make it an important ecological site, home to a number of species typical of the region.
The site is wholly owned by the French coastal protection agency and managed by “Calvados Littoral Espaces Naturels”. Throughout the summer, the “Friends of Mont-Canisy” association offer guided tours of the batteries.