Church of St christophe de Bénerville


Access: 50m from Bénerville Town Hall.

This 12th century Roman church, surrounded by its cemetery, overlooks the coast road. It succeeded a chapel situated further north which was destroyed. For a long time, the church served as a landmark for sailors, at the time when the mouth of the Touques ran alongside Mont Canisy, towards the port of Touques. On the east and west exterior sides, there are striking fragments of stone with “fishbone” markings on them from the 12th century. Near the entrance, visitors are greeted by a tombstone with the cross of the Templars on it. Inside, with a triumphal arch on each side, an 11th century column, decorated with diamondshaped overlaps and interwoven crosses, separates the nave from the chancel. A beautiful cemetery for sailors adjoins Bénerville Church where Marshall Juin is buried. Up until the revolution, the church was dedicated to the Virgin. Then the people of Bénerville organised a pilgrimage for the festival of Saint Christopher which became the patronal festival.

Visits of the church

The church can be visited during European Heritage days and during the Christ Child’s crib and Christmas.