Bénerville’s beach


Beach safety rules

  • The beach is supervised from 1st July to 31 August from 11.30am to 6.30pm every day. Outside these hours, you are responsible for yourself and your children while swimming.
  • The First Aid Post is situated at the edge of Tourgéville. It is equiped for First Aid (defibrilator, resuscitation equipment), and has a quad bike and a rubber dinghy. It is manned by 2 nationality qualified lifeguards and lifesavers.
  • Swimming is supervised within a perimeter around the First Aid Post indicated by notices and posts.
  • Pay attention to the flags and follow instructions for your own and your Children’s safety.


Red flag
Swimming prohibited

Plage_Drapeau_JauneYellow flag
Supervised dangerous

Plage_Drapeau_VertGreen flag
Supervised swimming
no apparent danger

Plage_Drapeau_BlancNo flag
Unsupervised swimming
you are solely responsible


Beach rules for Dogs/ Horses

The beach is strictly out of bounds for horses and dogs from 10am to 7pm, all year round. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalks at Yves Saint Laurent (Benerville) and Louis Delamare (Tourgéville) when on a leash.

Rent of beach huts

Beach from 15 June to 15 September (information from Bénerville Twon Hall +33 (0)231879264)